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A short history of AccurioPress brand

AccurioPress brand versus tradition

It’s been nearly 600 years since Johannes Gutenberg invented movable type print and created his own printing press. Printing industry has changed a lot since then. We went through the industrial revolution, Apple designed the first Macintosh computer, NASA announced there might be life on Saturn, and Konica Minolta released a series of AccurioPress machines for production and industrial printing.

It was a breakthrough. Lives of readers all over the world have changed for the better, and print parameters skyrocketed.

Accurio 6100

Before and after

To whom do we owe those feats of modernity? Without him, there would be no morning paper at breakfast, no bestsellers to read on the beach. The printer: he is the key figure in this whole process, a one-man band who brings words and images to life. And yet, he seldom gets the credit he deserves.

The printer before and after AccurioPress

Accurio 6100



In the old days, a simple printing job could take several days. Impressive facial hair was a side-effect of long working hours which left little time for sleep and daily grooming.



Perfectly styled moustache and impeccable beard are a matter of taste. With AccurioPress machines that print up to 6000 A4 pages per hour, you’ll have enough time to follow any trends you fancy trying for yourself.



Operating old printing machines required a lot of strength and some serious elbow grease. Daily workouts and compulsory physical labour resulted in chiseled muscles without steroids or costly protein supplements. Unfortunately, those trying work conditions also led to painful and irreversible joint degeneration.



AccurioPress system is intuitive and easy to use. Automatic real-time print calibration means that precision is a perfect standard, not an arduous chore. AccurioPress doesn’t require learning complex operation procedures or using physical force. You’re meant to sweat at your fitness class, not at work.



Back in the day, printer’s job meant being always ready to change from machine operator to customer support officer to highly qualified service technician. The wide array of extraordinary activities included daily contact with ink. It was easy to spot a professional printer: his black hands stood out like a sore thumb.



AccurioPress technologies are fully automated and designed to guarantee failure-free functioning for many years. Color control software ensures flawless print quality each and every time. In any circumstances. Now you can stand out from the crowd on your own terms.



High costs of print and high failure frequency of consumables limited profitability in printing business, which forced entrepreneurs to run their businesses more frugally. Small printing jobs often turned out to be too costly to bother with them at all.



Thanks to optimised cost per print and automated printing process, now even small print runs are profitable. With AccurioPress you can say goodbye to the ghost of printers past and spend your money the way you see fit.

Make your own decision which role suits you better.

With AccurioPress printing system, your life will be made of choices, not necessities.

AccurioPress printing system gives you:

  • optimised work time – up to 6000 A4 pages or 2982 SRA3 pages per hour,
  • impeccable print quality – thanks to colour control software and precise pressure roller mechanism,
  • cost reduction – due to automated printing process and failure-free consumables,
  • comprehensive services – trimming, corner shaping, automatic stapling and stitching, comb and glue binding thanks to mobile units,
  • higher comfort – whisper-quiet operation,
  • easy operation – intuitive control panel,
  • environment-friendly technology – the highest recycling rate of PC and PT in the industry.

Love at first print.

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